Cambridge and Oxford Automated Screening Test

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, with funding from the MRC Development Gap Fund

The aim of this project was to build a web application to provide a rapid screen of cognitive function.  The tests included in the screen cover a wide variety of cognitive functions and are based on a wealth of psychological research.  We built an installable web application that can be run on any modern browser on a variety of touch-screen tablet devices, and can run without being connected to the Internet.  The application runs through a series of tests in a recommended order, including tests that measure reaction times, present video and that capture the participant’s handwriting.  The data are stored locally on the device and are then securely uploaded to a server where the results can be downloaded and viewed.

Key Application Features:

  • An installable web application that can be run in both on-line and off-line modes.
  • A single application that runs on any modern browser on iPads, Windows and Android tablets.
  • A wide variety of cognitive tasks that adapt based on a participant’s performance.
  • In-application administration instructions that adapt for experienced and novice testers.
  • Automatic and secure upload of data to a remote server.