Author: marge

  • CWTCH: Cardiff Web Tools for Cognitive Health

    CWTCH: Cardiff Web Tools for Cognitive Health

    Client:   School of Psychology, Cardiff University, with funding from the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund and Alzheimer’s Research UK. We are currently involved in a collaborative project with Kim Graham and her research team on developing tasks that are behavioural indicators of the later development of Alzheimer’s and semantic dementia in people with known…

  • Farm Game

    Farm Game

    Client:  Medical Research Council, with funding from the NewLife Foundation for Disabled Children This cross-disciplinary project combines expertise in the genetic basis of intellectual disability and characterizing cognition and behaviour in childhood.  The aim is to use standard behavioural measurements and computerised testing methods to assess underlying cognitive mechanisms in children with intellectual disability of…

  • OWL:  Online Wisdom Lab

    OWL: Online Wisdom Lab

    Client:  School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, with funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) The aim of this project was to build a web application that will help researchers learn about changes in thinking skills, decision making and health behaviour during adulthood.  We built an application that can be installed on both Android…