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  • Managing the project

    Producing a project plan. Liaising with Graphic Designers and Game Consultants. Tracking problems through the development and testing phases in a shared web-based Issue Tracker. Providing regular updates or reports on the project. Contributing to preparation of grant applications, if required.

  • Building the application

    Supporting all required platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) with a single application. Writing platform-independent server-side code. Building web applications to download from App Stores or from your own website. Providing applications that can work in both on-line and off-line modes. Recording, storing and formatting output data to meet your requirements. Creating parameterised code for easy “tweaking” post-project…

  • Designing the application

    Designing the application

    Providing guidance for the optimal user experience, especially for touch-screen mobile devices. Producing briefs for graphic designers. Liaising with graphic designers to help make your application engaging. Working with you to ensure the graphic design supports your target audience.

  • Defining the application

    Providing support for turning your ideas into a rigorous specification for our software developers. Creating wireframes to describe the flow of your application from screen to screen. Creating flowcharts and other specification documents. Working with you to specify how the data will be recorded and downloaded.

  • Imagery Generation

    Imagery Generation

    Client:University of Oxford, with funding from the National Institute for Health Research This project is part of a programme of research that examines how changes in thinking style relate to symptoms of depression and anxiety. We built two components to support this research: the first is an installable web application that can be run off-line…

  • Short-Term Memory:   Transfer of Training

    Short-Term Memory: Transfer of Training

    Client:  MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit This project investigates whether training people on particular short-term memory tasks will lead to more general improvements in short-term memory. We built two applications to support this research — both are installable web applications optimised for the iPad. The first application, which is run in the lab, runs through eight…

  • Cambridge and Oxford Automated Screening Test

    Cambridge and Oxford Automated Screening Test

    Client:  MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, with funding from the MRC Development Gap Fund The aim of this project was to build a web application to provide a rapid screen of cognitive function.  The tests included in the screen cover a wide variety of cognitive functions and are based on a wealth of psychological research.…